Introducing Happy Atoms

The physical and digital chemistry modeling tool that lets you discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way.

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Create molecules from plastic atom models that connect easily using magnets.

Discover the identities of the molecules you build by scanning them with the app.

Explore the molecules you discover, assemble collections of them, and complete guided chemistry tasks in the educational app.

These are the building blocks of the universe - let’s build it!

Happy Atoms is a tangible, interactive learning tool that combines a digital app with a physical modeling set. Combining these platforms lets students from 4th grade through college approach chemistry from a different angle.

Funded by the
Institute of Education Sciences
U.S. Department of Education

Chemistry is an incredibly important subject that many students never fully grasp. Knowledge of chemistry is necessary to solve many real-world problems, but the way chemistry is taught now often fails to capture students’ imaginations, discouraging experimentation and discovery.

Happy Atoms aims to change that by offering a chemistry learning experience that sets itself apart.

  • See the difference between elements
  • Feel the forces that bond them together
  • Experiment with ways to combine them
  • Discover the relationships between molecular structure and properties

Together we can help everyone discover the real-life wonders of chemistry.

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